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We have the highest respect for physicians as the guardians of our personal and loved ones health, we trust our lives in your hands. We understand that it is a long and difficult journey to go through medical school, all the additional trainings and many of your youngest years that you invest to become doctors. Whether you are just starting your career or are ready for a change we would like to pay our dues to you by serving as your agent in your search. We like to start with a conversation about your current situation, your dreams and goals for your professional and personal life. A career move most of the times means a big change not just for you but for all your family members. We understand the importance of your decision process and thatís why if you allow us we will involve your spouse in the discussions about the search. Our goal is to connect you with multiple opportunities that best align with your desires. We act on your behalf during the interviewing, decision making, negotiating and contracting process. We will connect you with the right legal professionals when you have to evaluate a contract. Our team of recruiters will stay connected with you during your move, on-boarding and even after you start. A specialized recruiter relocation firm will help you with all the logistics of your move: you will be assigned a relocating coach who will help you and your family with every detail that is involved in a move. The clients that we work with are also our partners with whom we have established relationships. We can communicate with them openly and constantly including your first few months since your start; you can share with us your first experience whether is exciting and positive or whether you have any concerns or frustrations that may need to be addressed. We keep a two way feedback communication all the time. Did we mention that all these services that we provide for you are free? We hope that is our giving back to you for what you are doing for us as a health care professionals.

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